Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bobby's Burger Palace (BBP for short)

So me and my sister went to check out his burger joint,
that opened up in Smithtown at the Smithaven Mall.
Love Bobby flay.
We get there, your order your food in the front, pay, get your number
and then sit down anywhere.
We thought it would be neat to sit at the counter.
Bad move...I mean the food was awesome, I ordered the LA burger
avocado relish, watercress on a cheeseburger.
My sister ordered the Napa Valley Burger, goat cheese, a lemon mustard and lettuce burger.
Chocolate milkshake and a beer.
We sat there enjoying our conversation, when the lady next to us
started complaining(she ordered a salad) Why do you order a salad at a burger joint. She said it didn't come with the stuff that was listed on the menu. Meanwhile she ate the whole salad. As they apologized, she kept at it and at it. Saying how long was the place opened yada yada.
Then it started, the nose blowing, and it wasn't subtle, she sneezed and bl owed her nose 7 times!!!! It was so loud and disgusting. Everyone was staring at her. I gave her a dirty look and she didn't care. As she left she told the manager she was going to email bobby flay...I chuckled. Good luck lady! When she and her friend got up to leave I clapped, that's when she looked and I just smiled at her LOL!!!
What an experience :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here we go again:(

So at like around 3:30a, we were vandalized. kenny woke up hearing a car outside...went to the bathroom and the car took off. Well our gate is torn apart the front and to the side...they proceeded to take the wood off and put it in our mailbox and our neighbors. Kenny is outside now...putting the gate back together. My stomach has been in knots all day and we haven't slept since 3:30a.
These kids nowadays with money, have nothing better to do than to do this...they think since they have all the money, they don't care about the"regular" people. Don't care that's it's not there neighborhood. Screw the police. Suffolk county cops is one of the highest paid officers in NY and they don't do shit about taking care of the nighborhood...if you call them, they will come when it's WAY to late. We will be esleeping with our bats tonight and if you see us in the news, you know why LOL!!
I'm so tired and done. I think we are going to fix our room and put our house on the market, because frankly, I'm so over this. I want to live in peace, not with one eye open.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Customer Service

Whatever happend to good customer service.
Is it because of the heat...that people are idiots!!!! I hate people with bad attitudes. I called for a reservation last night for dinner...the guy was like we have for 8p and later and I was oooohh...that's the earliest and the guy replied with a snippy remark" we have over 150 reservations" ok like that's my problem. I said no thanks and hung up. Never going there ever.
This morning...I forgot I had a playdate and Matthew had a follow up with the Dr's office...I called to make it later...the secretary was like time...what time did you want to come in...I go around one and then she with a attitude was like" well that's lunch time" Then don't fucking ask me...you dumb ass. I said how about 2, and she was like that's fine and then I said ok and hung up.
Why oh why must I go through this especially when Erma is about to come. People just tick me off...ok now that is my vent for now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Crystal Light and Vodka

Got you attention...didn't I:)
Well my Bil and his wife came to the house this weekend
and they are always going through some new diet...but I have learned
a little something..of course it had to do with alcohol. If you mix crystal light and water..throw some ice in a cup an
add vodka to it..it is have the calories than my French martini...or any
other martini we drink. I loved it...I used the lemonade and I'm hooked...of course...seeing that it's just vodka and crystal light...you
get tipsy quickly LOL!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

What's wrong?

So...Jonathan was looking puzzled one day and I was like what's wrong...he goes Mimi. I'm like Mimi what and then he pointed up above LOL!! He threw mimi up top.

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My boys

Here is some pics of my boys. I'm also trying Picasa.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

New do.

How you like me now? LOL!
My long hair was getting on my nerves so bad...it was thick...heavy..out of control. So the best thing for me was to cut it.
With the help of friend of mine Kim...she did it all..and I love it!!!
I feel free!!!!!!!1

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Boo Boo:(

Yes...we got our first Boo Boo of the summer
season... Matthew was running and scraped his knee badly...Thank goodness, I had this handy dandy kit with me..I bought it at CVS...and it was good...everything I needed for the injured, screaming child, of course earplugs were not included. Boys will be boys.

July 4th Weekend.

So the boys wanted to go in the pool today...it's a muggy day...not
too..too hot..but icky.
Here the boys are waiting for daddy(I didn't feel like going in)

Mr. Cool
Finally the wait is over...Pool time!!
Great action shots of Matthew:)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer time

I love the summer...right now I have my laptop and drinking my herbal tea outside...will Matthew and his friend play in the pool. Jonathan is asleep and life is grand.
I remember the summer when I was growing up, we would be thrown outside after breakfast and came back home in time for dinner. I grew up in a neighborhood full of kids...we all played with each other, whether it was baseball...bike racing in the streets or just hanging out, those where the days.
I hope Matthew has memories like that.