Friday, June 27, 2008

I now have a second grader:(

Where does the time go? Matthew got an excellent report card with almost all 4's(4 being the highest) a few 3's, but that's ok..he did really good. I hope he is that well in second grade. I think the honeymoon is over and 2nd grade will be a little harder...but I think he is up for the challenge.

So I went to the end of year brunch...I almost made Mrs. Gallagher cry..way to go LOL. She was such a wonderful teacher...Matthew loved it because of her and her patience was tremendous especially with dealing with Matthew LOL!

Be afraid...very afraid of these 2:)
Then run like the wind when you see these 4 LOL!!! The 4 amigos. I'm glad he made some friends.
Mrs. Gallagher and Matthew.

Potty training update.

Well, it wasn't much harder than I thought. I can't believe he manage it to pee in the potty with no problems. He even woke up this am with a dry diaper, and then went to the bathroom to pee...shocked, why yes. This is the same kid that 2 weeks ago pointed his finger at me and said "no potty".
It's amazing how happy he is when he sees that he is peeing. Too funny. Next is the poopy...he did do it in his underwear...I didn't get that lucky...but I'm taking it one day at a time. Now I know that he will be potty trained for school in sept...all that stress and pimple growing was all for nothing. I underestimated Sir Jonathan...yet again. The diapers will be done and now I can rest easy...i will miss having a baby, now he will be a big boy **sigh**. Maybe it's time for another...haha, I jest.
Stay tuned for more updates:)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Operation: Potty Training.

I'm going to do it. Jonathan turns 3 at the end of the that week is going to be hard core potty training...I'm staying home for that week. I bought him Thomas underwears...and I'm ready to go. I'm sick and tired of changing diapers...especially poopy ones....I'm sooooo done!
So wish me luck and I have to make sure to stock up on some wine LOL!

Family trip!

So we are going on our first family trip of the year...we are going to see Thomas the train in PA. I can't wait! Jonathan is going to flip out , when he See's Thomas up close. We are staying in Lancaster...I just hope the boys don't drive us nuts LOL! We are going to meet with a good friend of mine over there. We are leaving tomorrow after Matthew gets out of school...we are just going to throw him in the car and off we hit traffic LOL! I will take alot of pics...I can't wait.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Self Induced Coma

That's what I did LOL! I took 2 Benedryl's for my wonderful allergic reaction to my meds. Mind you I have never taken Benedryl ever in my life. It hit me like 1/2hr later. I laid on the couch and passed out...well not totally because Jonathan was still up... I just poped a Dora DVD and I got bto stay on the couch.
I didn' t know which is worse wanting to rip my skin off or being in a coma. Oi Vey.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kenny in the pool.

He was attempting to jump over Matthew...didn't quite work LOL!! God, I love my camera:)

Why I love summer:)

These are the reasons why I love summer. We went in the pool....had a bbq...saw a frog...had drinks. This is only the beginning, and I can't wait until the rest:)