Friday, June 27, 2008

Potty training update.

Well, it wasn't much harder than I thought. I can't believe he manage it to pee in the potty with no problems. He even woke up this am with a dry diaper, and then went to the bathroom to pee...shocked, why yes. This is the same kid that 2 weeks ago pointed his finger at me and said "no potty".
It's amazing how happy he is when he sees that he is peeing. Too funny. Next is the poopy...he did do it in his underwear...I didn't get that lucky...but I'm taking it one day at a time. Now I know that he will be potty trained for school in sept...all that stress and pimple growing was all for nothing. I underestimated Sir Jonathan...yet again. The diapers will be done and now I can rest easy...i will miss having a baby, now he will be a big boy **sigh**. Maybe it's time for another...haha, I jest.
Stay tuned for more updates:)


  1. LOL at pointing his finger at you! Oh how I can relate. Isn't it funny how proud they get over pee? LOL

  2. LOL that he pointed his finger and said no potty! Jack still won't poop in the potty and he will be 4 in October. :-O