Friday, June 27, 2008

I now have a second grader:(

Where does the time go? Matthew got an excellent report card with almost all 4's(4 being the highest) a few 3's, but that's ok..he did really good. I hope he is that well in second grade. I think the honeymoon is over and 2nd grade will be a little harder...but I think he is up for the challenge.

So I went to the end of year brunch...I almost made Mrs. Gallagher cry..way to go LOL. She was such a wonderful teacher...Matthew loved it because of her and her patience was tremendous especially with dealing with Matthew LOL!

Be afraid...very afraid of these 2:)
Then run like the wind when you see these 4 LOL!!! The 4 amigos. I'm glad he made some friends.
Mrs. Gallagher and Matthew.