Friday, April 30, 2010

New Phone!!!

So this is my new phone. The Blackberry
Storm 2. I love it! I can check all me email on it, go on FB...take pics. It's so awesome. Now I know why everyone calls it the Crackberry LOL!!!


Here are some updates from us:)
Matthew got a cast...he was playing on the slide in school and he fell. he gets it off next week. He can't wait.
Oliver turned 1. Love this kid.

We had our house re-done, what a project...we were out of our home for about 16 weeks. It was so tough, for us, who knew, but in the end, I love my looks so awesome!!
Baseball season is here for all 3 guys, well 2 right now(see first pic) I got a blackberry, so loving it!!! Now I understand the crackberry LOL!!!
I have been doing hot yoga and I love it!!! I leave there drenched in sweat, and I leave with so much peace, makes my day so much better, I recommend everyone to try it LOL!
That's it for now:)