Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ok why does he does this....a high pitch, holy deaf noise. Is he my child? Did Aliens come and abduct my cute little bit for this screamer. Case in point, went to mygym today wanted to go on the swings...only there isn't anymore swings...all the kids are on it...so he starts yelling...he's red and I feel like the worst mommy ever...the silence is deafening and I know everyone is looking at me...so I take him to the bathroom to calm him down...he's calm only to have start at it again moments later. So it was time for us to go home.
So next time you see a screaming kid and the mother looking helpless...think of me:)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kenny's Birthday Weekend

So it was Kenny's birthday weekend, along with memorial day weekend, funny how we were going to the city as everyone was leaving.

We get to the hotel and the room is not ready...arghhh! I thought we were on the preferred list or whatever...I guess not. No matter I had a yummy martini:)

So we got our room and the partying began LOL! The room was so nice of course, the view would have been nice if the lovely cranes were not in the way.

Times Square Kenny's happy place:)
Kenny trying Sushi..huh?what?who? Ok so it had no fish in it LOL!

Empire State Building

Kenny's Little brother Erik, he is in the navy and in the city, this week is fleet week.

All in All it was a great weekend. One more year until the big 40!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So I'm sick...Yuck. I have no energy for anything...yet I did ALL my laundry...even put it away. As I'm in the kitchen I hear Matthew yell "Jonathan, NO!" Great now what has my terror done. I went to target earlier today and I got some carpet deodorant. Well the pictures will tell all. Now I have a headache. Who's kid is this. Shockingly Matthew vaccumed up the mess, hmmmmmm...what does he want? Well time for the devil to sleep, that way he can dream evil thoughts.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nice Day.

It was a nice day out today...my allergies were in check for once...I feel great after my hangover LOL!

Matthew's cousin Lorenzo came over and they hung out playing.

It was a little cloudy and breezy though.

Who are you little boy? Where is your mommy?

**Sigh** Boys will be boys.

Nannie's Wedding

Rain?!?! What a rain?

It did. The whole damn day...we were on the LIE HOV lane for almost 2 hours...hello? Isn't this the lane that suppose to move quickly...ugh...it was all good...champagne...wine, what we needed was FOOD LOL!

We get there and it's a picture frenzy...stand here....put your arms here...raise your flowers..smile! I smelled the food and I was like food!!!

The cocktail hour was great...drinks...food...yum! The bride was beautiful...the bridesmaids HOT LOL! We left at 12:30a. Matthew lasted until 11:45p....poor thing, he was so tired.

I had to come home and take all this out of my hair

Monday, May 12, 2008

Free Coffee

Come and get it!!
Dunkin' Donuts. Dunkin' keeps me blogging. Try Dunkin' Donuts Coffee For Free. Get a Sample

Mother's day 2008

Another Mother's Day, come and gone. It was ok...except for Jonathan waking up at 7a, screaming his head off, or even at 7:30a when Matthew and Jonathan were both fighting. Where was my loving husband....just lying down watching them fight. Ahhh fun times.

So I go back to bed, just five more minutes. Then the chirping begins...damn birds!!! I have aquired a nest in my ac unit, every stinking year, why do I do this. Ok now I'm not sleepy anymore. I stay in my bed and watch the news. I close the door shut, so no one comes in...1 minute later "Mommy, where are you?" Great, now I have to get up, because the banging on the door has started. Might as well get dressed. Get up and everyone is dressed, go to breakfast, go to BJ's and then the liqour store. Love it!

My parents come over...I'm dead tired. I decide to go to Lowe's with my mom to get some plants...not really the flower type so I get some veggies...tomatoes...yellow peppers...rosemary...and strawberries. Came home and planted everything love it...can't wait.

Had a bbq, sang Happy Birthday to my sister and kicked everyone out. Thanks for coming, now leave:)

Here are some pics of my lovely garden.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My 100th post...woohoo!!

These are my beautiful flowers given to me by Matthew..he was very excited to give them to me. That is te true meaning of Mother's day...Happiness.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Call me Crafty Mon!

Well not yet LOL! For my mom, for Mother's Day. The boys will be working on a special notebook for my mom...poems in spanish...Matthew's drawings...even pictures of the boys. Jonathan will leave his handprints in a part of the book, as well as a drawing LOL! I went to Michael's and got the supplies needed...I have my pictures waiting at CVS, now I have to wait for Sir Matthew to come home from school and after his baseball game today. Hmmm...maybe we start tomorrow LOL!
Thanks to Daelyn for this wonderful idea...you rock girlie!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


So last night we had a charity event to attend...very nice and very swanky. They announced Vincent Pastore as a guest speaker and I'm like, that name sounds familiar...umm duh? It was big Sal "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero himself LOL! Kenny practically threw me next to him, very nice guy:)
I got to play black jack and it was fun...oh oh. Vegas here we come!!!

About time:)

So the Blog police is looking for me LOL!

Let's start with Matthew's opening day pics:)

It was a rainy day and Jonathan was sick...but all in all it looked like the kids had a great time.