Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's day 2008

Another Mother's Day, come and gone. It was ok...except for Jonathan waking up at 7a, screaming his head off, or even at 7:30a when Matthew and Jonathan were both fighting. Where was my loving husband....just lying down watching them fight. Ahhh fun times.

So I go back to bed, just five more minutes. Then the chirping begins...damn birds!!! I have aquired a nest in my ac unit, every stinking year, why do I do this. Ok now I'm not sleepy anymore. I stay in my bed and watch the news. I close the door shut, so no one comes in...1 minute later "Mommy, where are you?" Great, now I have to get up, because the banging on the door has started. Might as well get dressed. Get up and everyone is dressed, go to breakfast, go to BJ's and then the liqour store. Love it!

My parents come over...I'm dead tired. I decide to go to Lowe's with my mom to get some plants...not really the flower type so I get some veggies...tomatoes...yellow peppers...rosemary...and strawberries. Came home and planted everything love it...can't wait.

Had a bbq, sang Happy Birthday to my sister and kicked everyone out. Thanks for coming, now leave:)

Here are some pics of my lovely garden.


  1. LOL! You crack me up!

    Love your garden! Hope you get lots of fruits and veggies! ;)

  2. Ain't it fun being a Mama? LOL
    Love your garden. I everything does well. Yay for the liquor store! I got some yummy wine on Mother's Day too! :o)