Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here we go again:(

So at like around 3:30a, we were vandalized. kenny woke up hearing a car outside...went to the bathroom and the car took off. Well our gate is torn apart the front and to the side...they proceeded to take the wood off and put it in our mailbox and our neighbors. Kenny is outside now...putting the gate back together. My stomach has been in knots all day and we haven't slept since 3:30a.
These kids nowadays with money, have nothing better to do than to do this...they think since they have all the money, they don't care about the"regular" people. Don't care that's it's not there neighborhood. Screw the police. Suffolk county cops is one of the highest paid officers in NY and they don't do shit about taking care of the nighborhood...if you call them, they will come when it's WAY to late. We will be esleeping with our bats tonight and if you see us in the news, you know why LOL!!
I'm so tired and done. I think we are going to fix our room and put our house on the market, because frankly, I'm so over this. I want to live in peace, not with one eye open.


  1. Hope the bats didn't have to come out last night Monica! Hugs!

  2. LOL!! Nah...they stayed put:)