Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bobby's Burger Palace (BBP for short)

So me and my sister went to check out his burger joint,
that opened up in Smithtown at the Smithaven Mall.
Love Bobby flay.
We get there, your order your food in the front, pay, get your number
and then sit down anywhere.
We thought it would be neat to sit at the counter.
Bad move...I mean the food was awesome, I ordered the LA burger
avocado relish, watercress on a cheeseburger.
My sister ordered the Napa Valley Burger, goat cheese, a lemon mustard and lettuce burger.
Chocolate milkshake and a beer.
We sat there enjoying our conversation, when the lady next to us
started complaining(she ordered a salad) Why do you order a salad at a burger joint. She said it didn't come with the stuff that was listed on the menu. Meanwhile she ate the whole salad. As they apologized, she kept at it and at it. Saying how long was the place opened yada yada.
Then it started, the nose blowing, and it wasn't subtle, she sneezed and bl owed her nose 7 times!!!! It was so loud and disgusting. Everyone was staring at her. I gave her a dirty look and she didn't care. As she left she told the manager she was going to email bobby flay...I chuckled. Good luck lady! When she and her friend got up to leave I clapped, that's when she looked and I just smiled at her LOL!!!
What an experience :)


  1. LOL!! I would have been unhappy too! How RUDE!

  2. That's disgusting! LOL Why do people think it's ok to do that! Sick people!