Friday, July 18, 2008

Customer Service

Whatever happend to good customer service.
Is it because of the heat...that people are idiots!!!! I hate people with bad attitudes. I called for a reservation last night for dinner...the guy was like we have for 8p and later and I was oooohh...that's the earliest and the guy replied with a snippy remark" we have over 150 reservations" ok like that's my problem. I said no thanks and hung up. Never going there ever.
This morning...I forgot I had a playdate and Matthew had a follow up with the Dr's office...I called to make it later...the secretary was like time...what time did you want to come in...I go around one and then she with a attitude was like" well that's lunch time" Then don't fucking ask dumb ass. I said how about 2, and she was like that's fine and then I said ok and hung up.
Why oh why must I go through this especially when Erma is about to come. People just tick me off...ok now that is my vent for now.

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