Saturday, September 6, 2008

Smart Kid

Still potty training Jonathan, this kid won't poo in the toilet, so what has he been doing. I make sure he's in undewear all day, even for naps, he does good...he needs to pee, he tells me. For naps he stays dry.
So one day he wanted to poo, I put him down and go downstairs...I hear noise in his room, ok he is not asleep...I go check on him..he goes 'mommy poopy" he shows me his pullup...which he put on himself to poo. This kid is smart, he just doesn't want to go LOL!!!


  1. Smart little monkey!!! That's how Karlie was too, and then one day she just decided she was a big girl and would go in the toilet.

  2. I wish Jack would just put a pull up on! He will poop his undies without a care in the world and then come tell me! Grrrrr!

  3. I would hide the pull ups!! Make it so the only way he can go poo is in the toilet.