Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm back!

So, I'm back! I have been sought after by the blog police:) Today is June 1st, the start of another crazy month, but good crazy. Matthew has his bronx zoo trip tomorrow and he is so excited!!!
Then we have so many birthday parties to tend too, it's not
even funny the amount of parties we need to go too.
Then at the end of the month, we have our exciting trip to Nickolodean hotel in Orlando florida, I want to get slimed so bad LOL!
Matthew has been doing so well in school, so proud of him.
Jonathan has come such a long way with speech, he is speaking in full sentences and is able to hold a conversation. It's great.
Me and Kenny are hitting the 10 yr of marriage in Sept, wow!!!
I'm so happy , he is truly a wonderful man, a great father and the love of my life.
I have been having some health issues, just discovered I have asthma, great! So I have been learning how to deal with it. I have also been hitting the gym hard, love it! It just makes me feel great. I even have taken hot yoga, thanks to my good friend Lidia.
Plus I have been dealing with some family drama, hopefully will get resolved soon.
So here is to more blogging and pictures soon:)

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