Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall is here!

Fall time has arrived, can not believe that the summer went by so fast. It was a great one. Good by summer of 2011....hello fall of 2011.
The boys are loving school. Matthew is in 5th grade, his final year of elementary school, while my baby is in 1st grade. They are doing real well, Jonathan is reading so much and I love it, I make him read his books to me..he is so cute. Matthew is doing good, keeping my fingers crossed that he excels, 4th grade was tough for him. As far as me and kenny, we have been good, married for 12years, it has been great, I love him so much. Work has been great, I'm always saying that I'm going to quit, i miss being a SAHM, but my job has been so great. Cindy and Dr. Seifert have been so understanding with all my craziness LOL. Wewent pumpkin picking the beginning of the month, it was dismal picking, last year I got some great stuff, this year not so great. Here is a picture of my favorite men. The 3 loves of my life. I'm hoping I can keep this blog up. I have had it for awhile:) Until next time.

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