Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hurricane Earl.

So I'm making myself crazy watching all the weather reports. We bought in all of our deck furniture, put the umbrella's away and the chairs. Our deck looks so clean, I'm kind of glad for this warning, forced us to get rid of stuff LOL!!! Well here is the projected path for Hurricane Earl. Right now it's a catergory 3. I just hope it does not decide to move just a little bit.
So after being on the computer and getting updates from I came across this website from another blog
Cool manicures it looks really cool. I love funky designs and this was over the top. I love this one a twitter design.

And this one is cute too

Back to LOL!!


  1. Oh my gosh I so want to try the pencil nails!!! Too cute :)

  2. I thought of you when I saw this site LOL!!

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    Mama Hen

  4. wow! nice fun blog. I am ur newest follower & hope u follow back too.