Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do you hear what I hear?

Silence, pure wonderful silence...No Tv's, no loud screaming...nothing. I'm doing my happy dance right now LOL. The boys are in bed, and Kenny had to run out.

Today I went to Hot Yoga, I love it, but today was a little crazy, it was another teacher, his name is Pete and he was brutal, it was way to hot and I was literally soaking wet with sweat( I know gross) I actually had to leave the class and get myself together for about 2 minutes. My friend Gina went with me(since it's like a block away from her house) and she said that after the class some of the girls were saying that it was too hot. Thank goodness. i will still go back though, just have to be super hydrated.
Nothing else going on, so I will go and get myself a nice bowl of ice cream:)

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