Sunday, April 6, 2008


The pain that I feel right now is excruciating. I feel like someone is pulling my insides out. I feel so much rage right now...I'am weak...I'am depressed and I'm so tired. I actually slept 12 hours last night.
What am I talking about...yep that's Erma, Aunt Flo. Whatever you call it. I go through this crap everymonth and I think this month takes the cake.
Why do women must go through this...the bleeding the cramping. Oh I know..we are the stronger sex LOL.
All kidding aside...this is what I have to go through...everymonth and no I do not want to take birth control. That messes me up as well. I just want t scream!
ok I'm done. Thanks for reading my crazy rant.
As you were:)


  1. I'm sorry girly! I feel your pain! I really do! (hugs) *throws chocolate at you to distract you so I can run* lol

  2. LOL!!! Both are much welcomed LOL!

  3. (((HUGS))) As you know, I get my Erma the same time as you. It sucks so bad! I may have gained 3 pounds this time from all the sweets! It's almost over for another month though! Time for some wine! LOL