Saturday, June 23, 2007

Matthew's story for school

So Matthew had his book "published" and he got to read it for the whole class...including the parents so this is what my son wrote:

The Title" I went to New York City"
Page 1
I went to the paneterium with my brother and sister
Page 2
We saw my favorite dinosaur. It was a stegosaurus
Page 3
We saw my brother's favorite dinosaur T-Rex it was fun
The End
Now this was his author's page
Matthew is 6 years old and lives in East islip with his mom and dad and his brother and sister. He attends kindergarten at the ECC. In school Matthew likes snack time and gym. At home he likes to feed his pets.

Matthew plays baseball and basketball. this is his first published book.

Ok now he added a sister and Jonathan never went with us to the city...we don't have pets and he hasn't played basketball. LOL!!! What a character my son:)


  1. LOL I wondered about those *sister* and *pets* parts! He must be wishing! LOL

  2. That is hilarious! He is very creative! :-)

  3. What an imagination! LOL Too funny!

  4. What is that saying now?...Thoughts become things? LOL